Typhoid Fever Diet: What to Include and Avoid?

typhoid fever diet

Typhoid Fever Diet: What to Include and Avoid?

If you are suffering from typhoid fever, then two things are very important for you. Firstly, the medicines which you are using at this time are prescribed to you by a doctor. Secondly, the diet plan that you are following at this time.

What food you are eating during typhoid fever because your food plays a very important role in the recovery rate of your typhoid fever. If you take the right kind of food i.e. typhoid fever diet at this time, the recovery rate will become faster. As a result, you will recover very soon.

So, this article is going to suggest to you the typhoid fever diet that you should follow or avoid during typhoid. It will suggest all the food items that you should include in your typhoid fever diet.

Also, in the end, the article will suggest some home remedies and some ayurvedic treatments for typhoid fever at home. These home remedies will help you to get better treatment at your home.

Typhoid Fever Diet:

Some Precautions to be taken in Typhoid Fever:

Part 1: What To Avoid?

  1. Avoid Spicy Food:

Firstly, you should avoid typhoid is the spicy food that you eat. It is because spicy food creates digestive problems. As a result, it leads to several complications.

As you know, typhoid spread in your intestine first, and then it infects the other body parts. So, it is very crucial that you should avoid spicy food.

It will maintain your digestive system in a good state.

  1. Avoid Oily Food Items:

Secondly, you have to avoid oily and fatty food items. It is because oily food items also create various problems with your digestive system.

The fat-containing food items are complex and cannot be digested easily. As a result, it creates difficulty in digestion and may cause indigestion.

Also, try to avoid fatty foods or deep-fried foods if you have typhoid fever.

  1. Avoid Certain Raw Vegetables:

Thirdly, you should avoid certain types of raw vegetables and fruits. For example, you should avoid cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, onion in vegetables. In fruits, you can avoid pineapple and kiwi.

It is because when you eat these types of raw fruits and vegetables they can create gas problems in your intestine. It leads to a very painful situation.

  1. Avoid High Fiber Foods:

Finally, you should avoid high fiber-containing food items. That is to say, the food items which contain a large amount of fiber in them. For example, sprouts or certain types of nuts.

Nuts include almonds, groundnuts, walnut, etc. Also, avoid certain types of peas.

These types of food items must be avoided during typhoid fever because they contain high fiber in them and that takes time to digest.

Also, during typhoid fever, the whole energy of the body is just consumed by digesting process. As a result, there is not much energy left to increase the immunity of the body.

Most importantly, immunity is very crucial for you in such a time. So, avoid high fiber-containing food items so that your body can increase your immunity.

Part 2: What to Include?

You can eat light food items that are easy for digestion. That is today, you can include light meals in your typhoid fever diet.

However, you must avoid a certain type of food item that is not digestible in your body and does not suit you. Even if it is a light food item, you should avoid that food item.

  1. High Calorie or High Carb Food Items:

Firstly, you should include high-calorie and high carbohydrate-containing food items in your typhoid fever diet.

It is because at this time you need a lot and a lot of energy to recover. Also, to increase the immunity level in your body.

So, food items such as bananas, potatoes, and rice are very good during typhoid fever because they contain a high amount of calories. Moreover, they will provide a sufficient amount of energy to your body.

You had also seen some situations in which a person is suffering from typhoid or any other type of infection and loses their body mass quickly. It is because their body doesn’t have a sufficient amount of energy to fight the infection. So, the body starts to decay on its own.

Hence, start gaining the energy so you don’t have to lose your body mass.

Again, you just have to take proper energy-rich food items so that your recovery rate becomes faster and your body can be in a healthy state.

  1. Drink Enough Water:

Secondly, you have to hydrate your body properly. It is because, as you know, in typhoid, diarrhea is a common situation.

During diarrhea, lots of water loss happens and your body becomes dehydrated. As a result, there remains no energy enough to fight the infection.

Hence, it is very crucial that you should hydrate your body with any type of liquid, any type of juice, herbal tea or green tea, or any type of liquid material.

Note: You should not include alcohol as a liquid because alcohol is a dangerous thing for you or for your intestine during typhoid fever. Also, it can create ulcers and can damage you.

  1. High Protein Content:

Thirdly, you should include the high protein-containing food items in your typhoid fever diet. It is because protein plays a very important role in increasing your immunity. Hence, protein is very crucial for your body.

So, for protein intake, you can include different types of dairy products such as milk, yogurt, paneer, etc.

In pulses, you can take moong dal which is very easily digestible. You can make khichdi, Dalia, rice, etc. All these high-protein-containing food items are easily digestible.

Now, let’s clear a small misconception regarding yogurt or curd. Some people think that it is not good for our health during typhoid. But, that is just a misconception.

You can take yogurt or curd in the middle of the day. It is going to benefit your body because it contains probiotic bacteria that increase your immunity. Also, these helpful bacteria will fight the pathogenic bacteria which are living in your intestine and will provide good support to your body. Hence, it can recover faster.

So, now we know which food item we should avoid and which we have to include in our typhoid fever diet.

Home Remedy for Typhoid Fever:

Now let’s move on to know the home remedies and the ayurvedic treatment which we can take. With these remedies, the recovery can become quicker.

However, there is a misconception regarding these home remedies. Some people think that these home remedies are sufficient to cure typhoid. But this is not right. You also need antibiotics and the prescribed drugs for the treatment of typhoid.

The typhoid fever diet plan and the home remedies are helpful in recovering you faster but they are not going to recover alone. You just need medicines with them.

Take two or three pieces of anjeer, also known as the common fig. The second thing is the 8-10 monaka, also known as the dried grapes, which contain seeds inside them. Thirdly, take 1-2 grams of coop color that is ayurvedic medicine. These are tiny balls.

After taking the proper amount you just have to boil them. After, boiling, eat them properly. Chew them properly and just swallow.

Doing this in the morning and in the evening means twice a day and the recovery rate will really become faster.

Also, you can even drink the water after boiling because that also contains minerals that are very beneficial for your recovery.


In the end, you must include and avoid some of the food items from your typhoid fever diet that are beneficial and harmful for you, respectively. Here is the list of precautions that you must take during typhoid fever.

What to include?

  • High Carbohydrate (Banana, Potato, etc.)
  • High Protein (Moong Dal, Yogurt, Curd, etc.)
  • Enough water.

What to avoid?

  • Spicy Food,
  • Oily Food,
  • Raw vegetables and certain fruits,
  • High fiber-containing food items.

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