Paneer for Weight Loss: Recipe and Calories Breakdown

Paneer for Weight Loss

Paneer for Weight Loss: Recipe and Calories Breakdown

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Today’s recipe is a very exciting paneer for weight loss tikka recipe. It is diabetic friendly, controls your blood pressure, and also keeps your cholesterol under check. That means, all in all, it’s an excellent source of veg protein and can be consumed for lunch or dinner.

This entire dish contains about 350 grams worth of ingredients and only 381 calories. So, let’s get started with the recipe.

Paneer for Weight Loss Recipe:

So, to prepare this succulent mouth-watering paneer for weight loss tikka recipe which is an all-famous recipe all over India, we are first going to make a wet marinade.

For that, take a couple of ingredients and blend them well together. Firstly, take a handful of coriander and mint leaves which of course are very beneficial in relieving indigestion and are loaded with nutrients. Also, they are rich in antioxidants.

Secondly, add about two green chilies which have been chopped roughly. Of course, we need to spice up things a little. Isn’t it? Yes, because we want it nice and spicy.

Subsequently, add about one teaspoon of garlic paste to it. Now, garlic paste has a lot of beneficial results especially for those suffering from cholesterol and blood pressure issues. So, this is definitely going to be very beneficial to lower your bad cholesterol.

After that, squeeze in a whole lemon which, of course, is very beneficial if you’re looking to boost your immunity. Because it contains a lot of vitamin C.

Now, add about two tablespoons of regular curd. It is recommended not to use hung curd. Use homemade curd out of skimmed milk. Because skimmed milk is low on fat.

After mixing all these, blend all ingredients very well until it becomes a smooth and fine paste. Once green paste gets ready, pour it in a bowl and then add a few spices in powder form to add even more flavor to this dish.

Most importantly, take the measured quantity of paneer for weight loss. Cut it up into bite-size pieces of about 1.5 inches cubes. All of them should be equally sized so they all cook well.

Take only 100 grams of paneer for weight loss to make this dish. It is recommended to use paneer for weight loss which is made of cow’s milk, of course, it is low in fat. That is why it is a super-rich source of protein for vegetarians.

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It is not just that it gets digested slowly, that also means, it is going to keep you full for longer. So, if you are planning to have it for dinner, it is a total thumbs up.

After the addition of the green mixture to the bowl, add the spices. Firstly, salt to taste. Secondly, gram masala. Add about 1/4 teaspoon of this because the flavor of garam masala can be very overpowering if you’ve added it in heaps, so go slow on the garam masala.

Now, add mango powder for the tanginess of this particular spice. You can skip this ingredient if you do not like the tangy taste.

Next up is coriander powder. This is one of the favorite spices of Indians because it imparts a very distinct flavor to mostly all the Indian dishes.

Now, add cumin powder. Cumin powder is very beneficial. It has a lot of medicinal properties.

All these spices once having been mixed into the marinade, will impart a unique flavor to this dish.

Now, add the veggies, and what better way to add veggies and color to our dish than bell peppers. The bell peppers are used are all about the colors. Take 50 grams of each color, cut it into bite-size pieces, because once we put them on the skewer they should be easy to remove and eat.

The bell peppers are loaded with antioxidants because they contain carotenoids which can fight any chronic disease. Also, it is loaded with vitamin C.

Now, add cottage cheese cubes. Apart from being rich in protein, it is also a rich source of fat, iron, calcium, and magnesium.

After that, add two whole tomatoes which have just been halved. Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin K, and potassium. Additionally, it is loaded with an antioxidant called lycopene.

Add a whole onion that has been cubed. Now, mix it up very well because we have to leave this marinade for around two to three hours refrigerated before we can put it up on the skewers.

Now, put this dish into marination in the refrigerator for about two to three hours.

Take it out of the refrigerator, heat up a pan really well, add about a teaspoon of oil. Brush the oil along the entire pan so that when we will put the skewers onto the pan, each side will be grilled well with just the minimal amount of oil that is needed.

Now, place the skewers carefully onto the pan and also make sure while you’re putting the vegetables onto the skewers they should look all colorful. Each vegetable should not have the same color.

Now, one after the other make sure you put a slice of paneer for weight loss and then put a bell pepper.

Then add onion to break the monotony and then a tomato so it should look nice and colorful. So, it’s pleasing to the eyes. Taste, of course, going to be top-notch.

While the marination is still sticky, drizzle a few flax seeds onto the pieces of paneer for weight loss specifically.

Now, as you know this dish containing paneer for weight loss is very high on protein and fat, all we need to look after is the fiber content.

Because paneer for weight loss contains no fiber at all. That is exactly when the flax seeds are going to come in handy. Also, don’t forget that we have added so many colorful vegetables.

Now, you can see your paneer for weight loss tikka is nearly ready after being grilled in the pan. The paneer has got that lovely brown marks of a perfect grill and the tomatoes become nice, soft, and juicy.

Now, it’s time to plate the dish. Let’s break down the calories. Each skewer on the plate actually contains about roughly 100 to 120 calories each.

So, consume it wisely. Make sure that you have it as a paneer for weight loss meals and don’t fill up too much on this. Even healthy meals when consumed in extreme proportions can be fattening.

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In the end, this delicious paneer for weight loss recipe contains a good amount of protein. It will help you in controlling your daily calorie intake as well as relatively maintain the protein intake.

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