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August 2021

melanoma treatment

Melanoma: 2 Main Symptoms, Keytruda, Immunotherapy Treatment

What is Melanoma? Melanoma is the cancer of melanocytes. Melanocytes are the cells that produce pigment. The pigment is known as melanin and gives your skin its color. However, it is the most dangerous kind of skin cancer. It can also develop in the eyes and, in rare cases, within the body, such as the...

Penile Cancer: Causes, Major Diagnostics & Treatments In 20s

Penile cancer is a kind of cancer that begins in or on the penis. When cells keep on increasing and gets out of control, cancer develops. Cancerous cells can develop in almost any region of the body and spread to other parts. To get a better understanding of how cancer begins and spreads. What is...

July 2021

Headache Pain

Headache Pain: Major Causes, Medicines and 11 Ways to relieve it

Headache Pain: Headaches are a fairly common ailment that almost everyone will have at some point in their lives. Head pain is characterized by discomfort in the head or face. Moreover, this might be a pulsating, continuous, acute, or dull sensation. Also, Medication, stress management, and biofeedback can all help with headaches. Causes: Signals from the brain,...

metabolic problems

Metabolic Problems: 5 Disorders, Foods to Eat & Treatments

Metabolic Problems: The breakdown of food into its basic components, proteins, carbs (or sugars), and lipids, is what we call metabolism. However, when there is a disturbance in these regular processes, metabolic problems develop. Moreover, metabolic disorders can be inherited, in which case they are referred to as inborn errors of metabolism, or they can be...

vaginal health

6 Factors Affecting Vaginal Health & How to Keep it Healthy

Vaginal health is crucial to a woman's entire well-being. Vaginal issues can impair your fertility, sex desire, and orgasm capacity. Ongoing vaginal health problems can lead to stress, relationship troubles, and a loss of self-confidence. So, learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms of vaginal issues, as well as what you can do to...